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ALERT: NMERB was notified that sales professionals have contacted some NMERB members claiming to represent us and offering insurance products for purchase.  We do NOT authorize any vendor to sell products to our members, so if you are contacted in this manner please gather the sales professional’s information (name, company name, address, phone number) and provide it to NMERB. We will then contact the firm and demand that they cease this activity. 

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ATTN Retirees who receive paper checks:

 Checks will be mailed as scheduled on the last business day of the month. Due to the recent change in the State of New Mexico, Department of Finance and Administration (DFA) check printing policies, beginning April 2016, monthly pension checks mailed by the New Mexico Educational Retirement Board (NMERB) will look a little different.  Retirees who receive paper checks in the mail will now receive standard-sized paper checks in white window envelopes. This is a change to the format of your paper check only, not a change in the payment process. Be sure to look for our white envelope beginning this month!

This change only affects retirees who receive paper checks.  Those retirees who normally receive monthly benefit payments by ACH direct deposit at their bank are not affected. 


Effective January 1, 2016, the New Mexico Educational Retirement Board (NMERB) contracted with a third-party administrator, Managed Medical Review Organization, Inc. (MMRO), to review disability applications and supporting medical documentation. 

 If you are contemplating applying for Disability Benefits, contacting NMERB will be your first step. Once NMERB ensures that you qualify to apply for Disability Benefits, an estimate of benefits will be mailed to you along with the necessary forms for you to complete and return to NMERB. A claims liaison from MMRO will then send you an application for the disability packet and will work with you directly from that point until a final determination on your case has been made.

NMERB Proposed Rule Changes

At the June 24, 2016 board meeting, the board tabled consideration of proposed changes to the Rule 2.82.2. These proposed changes will be reconsidered at the August 26, 2016 regular meeting.

Rule 2--Membership (NMERB Rule 2.82.2) - posted 2/11/16

Rule 2--Membership (NMERB 2.82.2)- substitute rule intact


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