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Local Business in brief, Aug. 15, 2017--Santa Fe New Mexican

Educational retirement fund see robust returns in FY 2017--Albuquerque Journal

New-- Educators' pension fund investments return 12% for the year--posted 08/10/17

The New Mexico Educational Retirement Board fund, which provides defined pension benefits to the state’s public educational employees, posted an investment return of 12.0%, net of investment management fees, for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2017. This exceeded the annual actuarial target of 7.25%.

The fund also reached a new high in assets at $12.3 billion, an increase of nearly $1 billion for the fiscal year.  In addition, the fund distributed benefits of more than $1 billion to retired New Mexico educational employees.

NEW-- Executive Director, Jan Goodwin Op-ed--posted 07/10/17

The vital role of NM Educational Retirement Board--Gallup Sun.

Teacher pensions are secure but changes need discussion--Albuqerque Journal

Straight talk on educational retirement plan--Santa Fe New Mexican

Both of my parents are retired educators, so my family understands the importance of secure retirement benefits for educational employees. The New Mexico Educational Retirement Board (NMERB) plays an important role in the lives of our 46,000 retirees and 60,000 active members. They and the Legislature have entrusted NMERB with providing secure retirement benefits to all of New Mexico’s public educational employees and their beneficiaries.

I consider this a sacred trust. The NMERB Board of Trustees and I have consistently taken a proactive position to ensure that future retirees have the benefits they deserve, have earned and substantially contributed toward. Earlier assumptions for the plan never anticipated the increasing life spans of our retirees nor the stagnating number of educational employees to pay into the plan (the number of employees paying was virtually the same in mid-2000 and mid-2016).

Click here to read the full article in the Taos News.


NMERB Investors Spot Opportunity--posted 07/12/17

From "Chief Investment Officer" Asset Allocation July 10,1017

Capital relief trades allow banks to meet their burdens for capital buffers without selling off loans or cutting back on lending. Instead, other investors take on the credit risk for some potential loan losses through contracts. As the broader market for so-called synthetic collateralizations booms after a much-needed healing following the financial crisis, some investors see compelling opportunities.

“It’s like selling insurance on bank portfolios,” says Bob Jacksha, CIO of the New Mexico Educational Retirement Board, which manages approximately $12 billion. “They are looking at more than just the economic return of the profile, and they might be willing to take our insurance at better rates than they otherwise would for those considerations.” Maintaining customer relationships and staying in the good graces of regulators are chief among them, he said. Click here to follow full article.


Pension fund finishes year at all time high

From “Business Matters” column by Bruce Krasnow, Santa Fe New Mexican, Feb. 13, 2017

With all the bad news about public pension funds, the New Mexico Educational Retirement Board fund is reporting an 8.5 percent return for the 2016 calendar year.

The fund reached assets of $11.7 billion and grew by $939.8 million over the year after fees. Net returns have been 8.5 percent over the last five years after fees and 9 percent since 1983.

 “The most important point is that our 8.5 percent return for the year exceeded our actuarial target of 7.75 percent,” said Bob Jacksha, chief investment officer.

 Educational Retirement Board chairwoman Mary Lou Cameron said the board has made a strategic decision to diversify its portfolio, and this has reduced volatility over time.

The educational retirement pension plan covers close to 60,000 active members currently paying into the system and 46,000 retirees, ranging from public school teachers, administrators and staff to college faculty and staff.

Pension fund finishes year at all time high--posted 2/15/17

Chair said fund on track--posted 2/14/17

Teachers who stay reap the benefits (Albuquerque Journal Article)--posted 12/27/16

Educational retirement fund on track to reach long-term funding goals--posted 12/27/16

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NEW-- NMERB proposed rule changes

NMERB will be having a rulemaking hearing as part of their board meeting on August 25, 2017.  The hearing will be held in the ERB Albuquerque office conference room at 6201 Uptown Boulevard NE, Suite 203, Albuquerque, NM. The board meeting will begin at 9 am and the rulemaking hearing will be part of the agenda for the board meeting.  An agenda for the board meeting will be available on this website in August. 

In reference to this proposed rulemaking, please click to find:

2.82.1 [LINK Rule 1]

2.82.2 [LINK Rule 2]

2.82.3 [LINK Rule 3]

2.82.4 [LINK Rule 4]

2.82.5 [LINK Rule 5]

2.82.6 [LINK Rule 6]

2.82.7 [LINK Rule 7]

2.82.11 [LINK Rule 11]

Notice--July 1 is around the corner! If you're planning on retiring effective, July 1, 2017, your final documents must be recieved by NMERB no later than June 30, 2017 to recieve your pension benefit on July 31, 2017. If you have any questions please email: or call 1(866) 691-2345.

Notice--NMERB Rebranding RFP (follow link to procurement library)--posted 06/01/17

NMERB now accepts drivers licenses as proof of age for the Retirement Application.

Attention Retirees: Important information for retirees under the age of 55.

Press release: Educators' pension fund crossess the $12 billion mark--PDF

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Board Meeting Notices and Agendas  -- NMERB Board Meeting Calendar 2017

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Alternative Retirement Plan Meeting Agenda--posted 08/17/17

Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda--posted 08/16/17

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Public Meeting Notice--posted 08/10/17

Investment Committee Meeting Agenda--posted 07/11/17

Investment Committee Public Meeting Notice--posted 06/27/17

COLA to be applied FY18--posted 06/15/17